14 Sep 2019

Publishing News Roundup - September

The Sequel to 'The Handmaid's Tale'

The most anticipated new book of Fall, Margaret Atwood's ''The Testaments'' (Penguin Random House) - the sequel to her 1985 bestseller The Handmaid's Tale, released on Tuesday catapulting to the number one spot on the Amazon lists for most categories. Twitter: @MargaretAtwood

Other Fall releases of note:

The Institute by Stephen King (Scribner, Sept.) - This lean and toothy horror novel pits psychic kids against exploitative adults. This variation on one of King's favorite themes displays his talent for writing intimate, personal narratives without a wasted word.

The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates (One World, Sept.) - Coates’s first novel, set in mid-19th-century Virginia, is about a man born into bondage who develops a mysterious power after nearly drowning, joins an underground resistance, and plans his escape.

Find Me by Andre Aciman (FSG, Oct.) - Aciman revisits the characters of Call Me by Your Name two decades after their first meeting. Elio moves to Paris and has a life-changing affair, while Oliver, now a New England professor with a family, contemplates a trip back across the Atlantic.

The World Doesn’t Require You by Rion Amilcar Scott (Liveright, Aug.) - In this collection—starred by PW—intelligent robots fail to behave as programmed and the last (and least exalted) son of God tries to redeem himself by leading a gospel band at his elder brother’s church.

Baron Wenckheim’s Homecoming by László Krasznahorkai (New Directions, Sept.) - At the end of his life, Baron Bela Wenckheim returns from exile in Buenos Aires to his birthplace, a provincial Hungarian town, hoping to reunite with his high school sweetheart. The town—a morass of gossip, con men, and politicians—heads inexorably toward its contemporary doom.

Blue Moon: A Jack Reacher Novel by Lee Child (Delacorte, Oct.) – Peripatetic vigilante Jack Reacher lands in the middle of a turf war between rival Ukrainian and Albanian gangs in an unnamed American city in his efforts to help an elderly couple who have fallen prey to vicious loan sharks.

Quantum by Patricia Cornwell (Thomas & Mercer, Oct.) – On the eve of a top secret space mission, NASA pilot, quantum physicist, and cybercrime investigator Calli Chase detects something amiss in the tunnels below a NASA research center. Clues suggest that Calli’s missing twin sister, Carme, may somehow be involved.

30 Sep 2018

What's Happening ?

It's been a while since I had an update but behind the scenes here a lot has been going on.
The self-publishing industry has expanded so much this year that some of the major companies are merging their services, others are introducing new ones, and a few are closing down.

For me, as an imprint owner of Gizzard publishing, I've been reading manuscripts, doing some editing, and giving feedback to a group of first time Authors who have signed up to Gizzard Publishing and I am humbled to have the trust of these talented, amazing Authors. Towards the beginning of next year you will all get to read some of the wonderful, hilarious, often sad, works these Authors will bring to you.

My next Nick Benson novel hit an issue when my Mac died. I'm wise enough to know to back up everything, and I have moved my home office to another room now, and everything feels fresh, and invigorating.
Having taken a break from writing to focus on others, it has stirred up my imagination,  and I have generated a few more outlines for future books I hope to offer you next year.
For now, my plan is to finish 'Rogue' and bring it to market by the end of the year.

Thanks for subscribing, and following, and G+1's - I really appreciate you all.

10 Jun 2018

Congratulations to Allure Magazine !

Allure Magazine has won this year's coveted award in publishing; Magazine of the Year - as voted by Adweek, With Editor Michelle Lee also bringing home the award for Editor of the Year.

Lee is the champion of the magazine's positive agenda to improve representation in magazine media; promoting how diversity can help heal divisions in society, and opportunities around new media.

Taking care to avoid accusations of tokenism, Allure is now one of the most racially diverse magazine brands in the US after its cover recently featured three Asian models.

Allure is a brand that represents beauty in every hue and is helping to frame the narrative of what people consider beautiful by broadening that exposure to all hues.

The Podcast interview with Michelle Lee is available here at SoundCloud

Read the full article here

9 Jun 2018

Introducing Marta Dubois - Debut Novel - Carla Willis & The One Night Stand

Carla Willis is a schoolgirl who wants what she cannot have, and right now, that's her long time best friend Graham.

Tall, lean and nerdy, her friend Graham lives next door and helps Carla with her homework until they both leave school and then go their separate ways.

After the end of high school dance, however, Graham grows closer to her.

While Carla forms a pop band and makes a name for herself as their lead singer, Graham is left by the wayside to grow into adulthood alone.

Or so Carla thinks.

After a time jump, Carla soon learns the secret Graham has hidden from her, and it leads them both on a journey of self-discovery. 

22 Apr 2018


Due to popular demand the After Dark series is now presented in a box set! 

What do you get up to After Dark? 

Women are more sexually liberated than ever before, in our lifetime. 
Women are at last confident enough to be able to sexually express themselves within the confines of the law, and without concern for any negative consequence of their actions. These short and sometimes incredibly graphic fantasies appear in random order. 
 We hope you enjoy them. 

More info here


 "Once I got into it, I couldn't put it down. A really good, well-written book." Michelle Dean

"Have recommended this book to friends, I like how the stories are so varied." Dianne Gaskin

"Found this on an off chance - glad I downloaded a sample, I bought the book as it was really good." Sarah Lawrence

"When you want something to escape into, without too much to digest, this is one of those easy to read quick page turning books." Jane Green

"Never read anything like this before, gave it a try after downloading a sample. Others recommended to read after this box set look just as good." Anthony Charles

"Did the trick. If you want something erotic to read, this fits the bill." Dean Granger