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Ruby Binns-Cagney is a successful Indie Author who writes fiction, specialises in American police procedural-based crime thrillers, and introduced a new Homicide Detective to the genre: 

Detective Finkel Macaulay is unlike any other NYPD Detective. She's a third-generation African-American woman, who has been through significant personal tragedy and trauma, and wears her battle scars well.

With accurate factual forensic details, autopsy details and realistic crimes, the "Detective Macaulay" books are proving to be popular.
Alongside this, Ruby also has a series featuring FBI Special Agent Nick Benson - who is assigned to keep Finkel safe, but their worlds collide when her life is threatened.
Ruby Binns-Cagney empowers others to become self-published Authors through her publishing company, BinnsCagneyPublishing Co where she also mentors Authors. Contact her for more details.

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