28 Sep 2013

NEW - Who Is Han Cainer? - Amazon for Kindle


If you have been reading my series of novels featuring hard-as-they-come feisty, fearless, sexy NYPD Detective Macaulay and her partner FBI Special Agent Nick Benson, you will know what is coming next.

If you thought FBI Special Agent Nicolo 'Nick' Benson was a real badass, with his Marine Corps training, exemplary martial arts skills, and tactical weapons training, you will be thrilled to meet Han Cainer.

Finkel is about to quit her role with the FBI so she can return to her stud ranch outside the Washington DC area, and raise her horses and start a new life.

Han demonstrates in the most horrific way what will happen if she ever leaves the FBI.

Han tells her that if she ever tells Nick, or anyone else why she can't leave the FBI, he will hunt her down and kill her slowly while Nick watches.
Then Nick will be the next to die.



Ex-Marine Corps. He's the Grim Reaper on Xanax.
So chilled out and sloth-like, you won't feel the full force of his onslaught until you're reeling with shock, and you're left wondering what just happened.

Sometimes Bad Guys Finish First

Han hasn't always been on the side of good. He moved to the darkness of death after his family were wiped out by a terrorist's bomb. Had he retaliated he'd be in a box right now; and not the kind of box you want to lift the lid on in a hurry.
Han never leaves a job until all the hats are on the ground.

A Man of Few Words

Han doesn't expend his energy chatting. When he does choose to speak, you're numb with shock. He'll leave you speechless, while he recalls everything he intuitively picks up about you. All your secrets will be exposed in a horrific way, and all the barbs and comebacks you usually rely on in such situations mysteriously fail to materialise in his presence. 

You'll lie awake at night recounting the incident and coming up with all the things you wish you had said when he was right in front of you.

He out-profiles the FBI's expert Profilers.

Why Is He At FBI Headquarters? What Does He Want?

I could tell you, but that would be breaking the Code of Silence. You'll have to find out for yourself: "Cainer" at Amazon.com for Kindle in October 2013.

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