12 Dec 2014

The FBI Special Agent Benson Cases - The Collection


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Progeny (The FBI Special Agent 

Benson Cases Book 1)

When a small town Sheriff is brought into a horrific case in 
Lake George, Upstate New York, he assumes the attacks 
have begun again. 

Days later, the discovery of a second set of human remains 
in the same area sets Sheriff Danvers on a quest to track 
down the beast in order to restore peace to the town. 
He implements a curfew, in a bid to keep the residents 
safe, but the murders continue. 

His next move sets into motion a chain of events where 
the hunters become the hunted. Secrets and lies of the 
town are slowly revealed, and no-one is above suspicion. 
FBI Special Agent Nick Benson brings his Team to the 
woods to join the hunt but the beast evades capture, and 
moves closer to the town, putting the resident's lives at risk. 

Every step closer to the truth makes Nick question whether 
he will make it out alive as the body count rises.

Mockingbird (The FBI Special Agent 

Benson Cases Book 2)

From the Author of "Pandora's Box' comes a new thriller 
for FBI Special Agent Benson. Two people are dead and 
it’s not even breakfast time. 

Tick tock, Special Agent. 

Janelle Morton is executed brutally, her body dismembered, 
only able to be identified by her dental records. 
For FBI Special Agent Nick Benson, the challenge is to 
stop the murders but he can’t handle it all by himself. 

Not this time. The stakes are too high. 

Stanley Tulloch’s wife Maria and their son Joe are held hostage 
until Nick surrenders the stolen merchandise. The villain in the 
piece is Jarod Nicholson; a man who steals to order for the 
nation’s bio-tech industry giants. Only this time, 
Jarod's coming up short.

Rock Star (The FBI Special Agent 

Benson Cases Book 3) 

When Stuart Anderson flew into his native New York, there 
were few signs that his dazzling career was about to crash 
land, or that he was about to be murdered. 

The lead guitarist and singer in The Black Bartinos was 
returning to New York;, the city where he was born, for a 
concert tour to mark the twentieth anniversary of the band's birth. 

For Anderson, at 37, this trip had a special purpose. He was 
preparing for the next stage of his career as a solo singer. As 
he approached 40, everything looked rosy. Or so he told his friends. 

He was rich and famous, with loving, attentive parents, and friends 
who he could call on. 

He had the support of a band that had been his "family" since he 
was a teenager. 

By the time of his murder, many of the conflicts of Anderson’s life 
were closing in. 

Then he was murdered. 

FBI Special Agent Nick Benson has to unravel the mystery of his 
murder before the suspects flee the City. 

Robbery Homicide: (The FBI Special Agent 

Benson Cases Book 4)

NEW YORK. A series of home invasions have rocked the suburbs. 

FBI Special Agent Nick Benson heads a Taskforce set up to 

catch the  suspects but they remain one step ahead of his efforts, 
which frustrates him. 

A planned raid on a suspect’s residence turns up dust. 

However, Nick is adamant that the suspect will resurface, and puts 

into action a tactic which keeps the suspect on edge. 

Nick’s determination culminates in the apprehension of three of the 

suspects in a nationwide spate of home invasions, but only after the 
murder of an Islip resident calls into question Nick’s methods of the 
enforcement of Justice. 

If Nick’s efforts succeed his Team will be held accountable for the 

largest drugs bust in the history of the FBI; which makes Nick’s fight 
to apprehend the suspects a battle against the odds. 

Added to his turmoil is his anger at the finalisation of his divorce 

from NYPD’s Detective Finkel Macaulay. A decision which almost 
cost him his life. 

Six Past Midnight: (The FBI Special Agent 

Benson Cases Book 5)

New York. Gregory Bakersfield, CEO of the Bakersfield Media 
Group dines alone after a vicious rant on the New York nightly 
news against his competitors, Glencoe Capital. 

He confides about his money issues to an ally, only to wind up dead. 
A planned sale of the Bakersfield Media Group had stalled at the last 
moment, leading to Gregory’s murder. 

Secrets and lies emerge after his murder which sheds light on 
subterfuge at Dewey Maitland and Patrick, the Law Firm who
handled the sale of the Bakersfield Media Group. 

The players all reveal their hands at the showdown but the last 
man standing isn’t always the one who collects the pot.

Montauk Homicide (The FBI Special 

Agent Benson Cases Book 6) 

Victor Brightmore’s dead body is found on the beach at 
Montauk Point. 

He has two silver quarters on his eyes and in his pocket 
the FBI find a copy of a faded map of Long Island.  

When FBI Special Agent Benson investigates the case, 

he finds Victor doesn’t exist in any Public or Government 
records. Further scrutiny of the dead man's life turns up 
other concerns for the investigators. 

A woman comes forward to claim Victor’s remains and Nick 

is reunited with a face from the past, in a place he least 
expected to see it. 

The case takes a dark turn towards betrayal; and lands 

Nick with a murder mystery 
which he fears he cannot solve. 

All 6 books in the series, in one volume 
for the first time.