2 Jan 2015

New: "Dead Drop" - FBI Special Agent Benson Cases Series

Dead Drop

The next installment of the 
FBI Special Agent Benson 
Cases Series.

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GenreCrime thriller

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Stash of pills found

Investigators have apparently found a load of prescription 
drugs in the home of Riley Keefe following her tragic death.

Yesterday a US coroner said she died from natural causes 
but her body will now undergo toxicology tests to see if 
the pills were to blame.

Police will investigate whether she was addicted to drugs 
such as phenobarbital, and may have overdosed, after 
suggestions she took it to ease chronic insomnia and depression.
The days before her death, the Model’s secret journal revealed 
she was "paranoid" and lived a "completely mad" existence. 

Entries in her journal also revealed Riley felt she was being 
watched, and was very fearful of this. 

And she even had a security guard at her mansion 24 hours 
but instead of keeping her safe he was caught on surveillance 
footage smoking a cigarette on the night Riley was murdered.

Riley had called 911 so often and not needed medical treatment 
that when her life was really in danger her housekeeper only 
called an ambulance when it was too late. When the EMS 
eventually arrived, Riley had been pronounced dead by her 
physician, Dr Matthew Kellerman.

Sources said Riley was a barbiturates addict who struggled with 
eating disorders. She may have also been taking anti-depressants, 
sedatives and anti-anxiety drugs.

Kellerman said: "Drugs can have side effects. And mixing them 
together means that these side effects can combine and become lethal.’ 

Runway Model Riley Keefe is found dead at her residence 
in Long Island. 

Empty prescription bottles which once housed barbiturates 
are strewn across her bed, and the Medical Examiner 
suspects Riley had committed suicide; after several failed 
attempts over the past year.

Riley Keefe had cried wolf for the last time. 

When the autopsy is conducted, the cause is death is 
undetermined, as no trace of the pills were found in Riley’s 

As the shock of Riley’s death reverberates through the 
Modelling community, recent events in Riley’s private 
life become very public; and those who knew her realise 
their secrets are at risk of being exposed.

Riley kept a journal. 

All her dirty little secrets are about to be aired in public.

FBI Special Agent Nick Benson has to determine 
the reason for Riley’s murder before incriminating 
evidence in the case proves crucial to the protection of 
a prominent Public figure.

Nick also has to cope with being investigated for his 
unconventional methods of law enforcement while being 
under close scrutiny by unwelcome parties in search of their quarry.


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