23 Feb 2015

Solo Girl Takes Hollywood

Jackie Bernadine’s life is in free fall after her FiancĂ© Gerry calls off their wedding, has an affair with her best friend Gil, and then marries her.

Unlucky in love, Jackie resigns herself to being a Solo Girl, and sets off on her adventures through a jumbled life experienced through the disapproving eyes of her friend Monica-a chatterbox with a penchant for sending Jackie on blind dates.

When the fates conspire and send three men into Jackie’s life, her quest takes her from London to New York, then on to Orlando and Los Angeles before she redefines what she wants from her relationships; but not before she tackles a few dramas along the way.

But, after landing an exclusive contract, Jackie starts a new life in Hollywood. Intending to leave the past behind, she stumbles into a set of circumstances which merges her old life with her new one; leaving her wondering what she's done to deserve this.
Jackie has to accept the past if she's going to have the future she so desperately craves - without consequences.

With her new Client by her side, Jackie is drawn into a glamorous exciting world which challenges her beliefs about monogamy and teaches her to accept change before it is thrust upon her. All her long-held beliefs are challenged, which leaves her confused and angry. 

As she battles with her dilemma, one phone call changes the trajectory she finds her new life on - but has she paid the ultimate price to achieve it?

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll orgasm.



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