22 Apr 2018


Due to popular demand the After Dark series is now presented in a box set! 

What do you get up to After Dark? 

Women are more sexually liberated than ever before, in our lifetime. 
Women are at last confident enough to be able to sexually express themselves within the confines of the law, and without concern for any negative consequence of their actions. These short and sometimes incredibly graphic fantasies appear in random order. We hope you enjoy them. 
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 "Once I got into it, I couldn't put it down. A really good, well-written book." Michelle Dean

"Have recommended this book to friends, I like how the stories are so varied." Dianne Gaskin

"Found this on an off chance - glad I downloaded a sample,I bought the book as it was really good." Sarah Lawrence

"When you want something to escape into, without too much to digest, this is one of those easy to read quick page turning books." Jane Green

"Never read anything like this before, gave it a try after downloading a sample. Others recommended to read after this box set look just as good." Anthony Charles

"Did the trick. If you want something erotic to read, this fits the bill." Dean Granger