14 Jun 2013

New Murder Case For Detective Finkel Macaulay


Overview of Pandora's Box
Just when the traumatic events in Detective Finkel Macaulay's life seemed to have faded, now she's being challenged by a new murder case. 

Unable to respond to FBI Special Agent Nick Benson's sexual advances, Macaulay seeks solace in the Adirondack region of Upstate New York. 

With the intention of spending time with her new family, Finkel is unexpectedly wracked with guilt when a murder takes place while she is on vacation, and further progresses to prevent her from traveling to visit her new family.

Only after you have witnessed her anguish and turmoil will you understand the sacrifices Macaulay has to make in order to decide whether catching the perpetrator outweighs her joy of spending time with her new family.

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