14 Oct 2013

EXTRACT - Athena - The Prequel to The Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy [KINDLE]


Not suitable for children due to scenes of a violent nature. 

From the Author of 'Pandora's Box' comes the dark, disturbing prequel to 'The Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy: 

Athena: Goddess of War. Hellbent on the destruction of all in her path. 

One American female NYPD Detective - Finkel Macaulay. 

Two victims; their smoldering charred remains discarded on the beach on Long Island, New York. 

Three other U.S. States report homicides from 2010 which bore the same injuries, 
and remained unsolved. 

FBI Agent Nick Benson is assigned to the lead NYPD homicide Detective, Finkel Macaulay to uncover the suspect's motive for the sacrifices, and to take 
the fight against crime to a whole new new level of intensity.  

Benson risks everything-including Macaulay's life-for the chance to make things right; as losing her is the only way he can hope to save himself.

EXTRACT - Athena - A Detective Macaulay Homicide Case

Copyright © 2013 Ruby Binns-Cagney
All rights reserved.

Hank finished his sandwich and pushed the plate to one side. Went to the filing cabinet and pulled out the second drawer. Took out a faded and yellowed paper file and got settled at his desk. He thumbed through the preliminary report and the Medical Examiner’s sketches and settled on the narrative the Detectives on the scene had recorded. The 2010 Drifter case. 

The description of the victim's injuries were the same. A serrated edged blade had been used to cut through the thigh bone of the victim. Traces of blood around the wound had been tested, and had come back positive for bovine blood. The murder weapon had never been found. The victim’s tongue had been cut out crudely, and stuffed back inside the oral cavity. 

The fingertips had been cut off with shears, which had not been recovered. The victim had been dumped on a field in Covina and set alight using kerosene. Traces of methyl hydrate had been found in the remnants of the charred tissue still attached to bone fragments. It wasn’t going to be easy to tell Finkel the Drifter may have returned to the area to resume his senseless killing.

The television blared as soon as Nick  hit the red button on the remote control and hit number nine. The six surveillance monitors on channel nine sparked into life. He looked at each monitor slowly and took stock of the activity he observed. Nothing to report. His phone vibrated. He pulled it from its holder and brought it up close to his face. Text message from President Erin Sullivan’s Chief of Staff.

Project Athena is a go.

His project had been green lit. Best news he’d heard all day.
He hadn’t make any morning arrangements to meet up with Finkel. He sat upright and reached for his phone on the nightstand. Sent her a text message. Waited. She responded. He went to sleep.

I looked at the caller ID when the text message had first arrived. Unknown number. Blocked. I was awake, and was counting the lines on the bed sheets. Anything to tire myself out. The message was short, concise, direct.

I’m buying you breakfast. Be at the corner of Rivington Street at eight. Nick. 

I had the broadest smile spread across my face.

'Athena - the Prequel to The Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy' is available at Amazon.com for Kindle.