23 Oct 2013

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One man's need to kill is another man's cross to bear. 

Consultant Psychiatrist Everett Stone sits in his office in downtown 
New York City with his life in his hands. 

A killer's confession rocks his mind. 

One ill-timed decision and it's all over for him. 

Three homicides take place in three affluent areas of New York City. 

Everett has the key to solving all the cases, but wrestles over his 
decision whether to come forward. 

One client strikes a raw nerve, setting into motion the gradual unfolding 
ensemble in pursuit of the suspect. 

One final chance. 

One mistake Everett can't avoid making. 

What Readers Are Saying About Stone Cold - A Detective Macaulay Homicide Case'

This book is about death and killing, and feeling conflicted. 
'The visceral quality of it. 
The pull of death on life's forces at the moment of impact. 
When the bullet tears through flesh and shattered bone and tissue, before quickly being replaced by oceans of red blood.' 
I especially liked the easy writing style and simplistic relaying of the story, which had me hooked from the first homicide, and I will look at the rest of the series now.
Robin Wright-Turley, London

I liked the contract killer's sense of humour. The real homicides surprised me, you don't get that reality much in books. I liked the scenes in the Caribbean, they were believable, and I could imagine it, having been to that part of the Island.
Dennis Brathwaite,Birmingham,UK

This series of books gets better and better. I thought I had stumbled on yet another  run of the mill Detective series but was pleasantly surprised. The writing is top notch, and American English is a difficult style of writing to pull off without coming across as cheesy.
Darran Carmichael, Powys,UK

At last, a book I can read without being bored with the same old stories about murders and police work. I was happy with the ending, it wasn't obvious, and I didn't want the story to end. Perhaps the two law enforcement characters should have a book about their romance, when they have scenes together it's really romantic, which I find really lovely in contrast with the murders and grisly sides of the story.
Sarah,Manchester, UK

Good, really enjoyed it. The Psychiatrist -I could really imagine him, and there's a good portrayal of how contract killing affects the contractor. Well written, with a good pace, not too fast, and not too gory.
Mark, WA

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