22 Apr 2013

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Lay Lady Lay -
The Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy #2

Published now at smashwords.com and amazon.com for Kindle
***IT’S HERE! The 2nd book in the Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy!!***

Fast paced, sexy, and exciting !!!!

"Lay Lady Lay" - The Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy #2 picks up the pace where "One For The Money" ended.  
A relentless sadist has put a target on Detective Macaulay's back. The clock is ticking. Will time run out for Detective Macaulay?

Overview of "Lay Lady Lay"

One dead blonde. 
One bomb. 
One sadist. 
Detective Macaulay is not about to quit.

Available to own at amazon.com for Kindle and Smashwords.com for iPad, iPhone, Barnes and Noble Nook or Kobo.

One For The Money -
The Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy #1

My latest book is now exclusively published at smashwords.com  prior to being published for amazon.com Kindle on May 27th.

Newhall Yard Police Detective Finkel Macaulay is up against her old adversary, Bo Harknett, only this time she may have taken on more than she can handle. 

With her partner, Detective Baines, she hunts down the notorious serial killer, Bo Harknett to the darkest crevices of New York City where he remains at large.

His victim's flesh was seared before being branded with by a garish tattoo that simply read "13" leaving Macaulay even more determined to catch him.

Up against the clock, Detective Macaulay knows she has four hours left to catch Harknett before he skips town, and she is adamant that she's not going to let him escape.

Not after he tortured her, and left her for dead.

Has time run out for Detective Macaulay?

Ultimate Intimacy

Ultimate Intimacy ISBN 9781301011216

Sample or purchase Ultimate Intimacy herehttp://www.smashwords.com/books/view/307423

When you are in a relationship filled with great passion and even greater sex, you want it to last. 

Over time, the heat cools and the passion and intimacy fades. How do you keep the intimacy at an intense but pleasurable level? 

How do you achieve an ultimate level of intimacy which lasts, deepens and grows? When you are in a happy, passionate relationship, you can use these techniques to help make it special and enduring. last. 

About "Ultimate Intimacy"

"Ultimate Intimacy" has Expert relationship advice which gently guides you towards new ways to develop real intimacy. Ultimate Intimacy is an essential tool which serve as a foundation you can build the crucial components of relationship based intimacy upon. 

For more information, please visit the Smashwords website.
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