30 Apr 2013

HAS TIME RUN OUT FOR DETECTIVE MACAULAY ? [The Macaulay Murders Trilogy #1 ] [New Book]



"Taking down perpetrators keeps me focussed. 
That, chocolate chip cookies, and great coffee.
Today is going to be a two-cookie day.
It's show time.

- Detective Macaulay, Newhall Yard PD

Another of Harknett's victims has been found, and Detective Macaulay's on the case. 

About "One For The Money" - The Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy #1

Newhall Yard Police Detective Finkel Macaulay is up against her old adversary, Bo Harknett, only this time she may have taken on more than she can handle. 

With her partner, Detective Baines, she hunts down the notorious serial killer, Bo Harknett to the darkest crevices of New York City where he remains at large. 

His victim's flesh was seared before being branded with by a garish tattoo that simply read "XIII" leaving Macaulay even more determined to catch him.

Up against the clock, Detective Macaulay knows she has just four hours left to catch Harknett before he skips town, and she is adamant that she's not going to let him escape. 

Not after he tortured her, and left her for dead. 

Has time run out for Detective Macaulay? 

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