18 Aug 2013

Forthcoming Book Releases - Kestrel


One of FBI Special Agent Nick Benson's cold cases is resurrected when a telephone call from the Priest at St Cecilia's Church rouses him from a troubled sleep.

When a man dies in the arms of his Priest, the severity of the victim's injuries force the NYPD to turn the case over to the FBI, which opens up a cold case for FBI Special Agent Nicolo 'Nick' Benson.

Nothing is known about the victim; the latest in a series of macabre deaths. The victim is found in a Church with a wooden stake through the heart - in what is termed as the latest in a series of depraved murders dating back to 1981. 

The investigation into the homicide brings the FBI to Lower Manhattan to begin a large scale manhunt. 

Nick brings trusted FBI Agents Stanley Tulloch, Marcus Berringer, and Douglas Keating into the investigation to comb the archives for leads to bring down the Suspect, only known as 'the Kestrel.'

Nick scrambles his Team to track down the Kestrel and put him down using any means necessary.


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