5 Aug 2013

New Data Reveals Trends In Ebook Sales at Smashwords.com

(Credit: Mark Coker Smashwords.com)

As the Indie Publishing bandwagon rolls on, Mark Coker, CEO at Smashwords.com has investigated trends in eBook sales which show Indie Author earning potential when linked to price point.

The investigation showed an increase on last year's premium price point -( $2.99) to the much heralded $3.99. Some of the trends highlighted in the photo above illustrate in simple terms the growth of eBooks as a medium, and the popularity of certain price points with customers.

Without drilling down further into the data it is not possible to establish which price points and genres (fiction or non-fiction for example) perform the best.

What we can learn from this is the length of the book and the correct price of the product can net you the right profit. Which is what it's all about for most Authors. I say most Authors because some choose not to focus on money.

Read all about the investigation at Smashwords.com/blog