12 Aug 2013

Guest Author Spotlight: Author Daniel M. Robinson





Set in the year 2981, Earth and the other members of Union of Planets find themselves thrown into a second major war with the Barican Star Empire.

The last war, commonly known and remembered as the ‘Great War’ saw a death toll of over sixty billion lives across the Universe.

When a new Czar claims the Imperial Throne from his Father, the six month old peace treaty is over. The new Czar wants to destroy the Union of Planets. The stage is set for war. 

However, the Baricans seize control of a Union planet.

By doing so, they obtain the universally feared Viper bomb.

A weapon powerful enough to destroy planets and render sections of space uninhabitable for millions of years.

To stop the Empire, a newly promoted Commander and his crew must save a planet, themselves, and the Union.

Ace Lawson and his crew; hold the fate of billions of lives in their hands.

Daniel M. Robinson writes:

This is book one of nine. The series of books will be published as three trilogies.
The second book, Star Blast 2 – Empires at War will pick up eight months after the events of the first book. Star Blast 2 is due out later this year.

With both traditional Science Fiction and newer fantasy Sci/Fi, Star Blast is action packed, dark in nature, and there are light-hearted moments in this series which spans across three trilogies and thirty years.

Author Bio:

Daniel M. Robinson an Indie Author at Smashwords and at Amazon for Kindle. He is also the Grandson of well-respected Author Winsome Smith.

A Queensland, Australia native, Daniel was born in Sydney, New South Wales. His childhood was spent around the Tweed Coast, where he attended South Tweed Primary School and Tweed River High School.

Daniel is a Father of 3 children, and a Step-father of 2 additional children.

His first Novel, Australian Outlaw, was published in 2012 by Zeus Publications.
He is a life-long fan of the Australian NRL Team the Manly Sea-eagles.
Star Blast 2 – Empires at War, book 2 of the first trilogy, is due out later this year.

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