8 Jul 2013

[Book Extract] One For The Money - The Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy #1

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One For The Money
***IT’S FINALLY HERE! The 1st book in the Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy!!***

Flirty, Frisky, Frantic and Frightening…One For The Money is just plain thrilling!!!! 

The Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy pitches good against the ultimate in evil: a wonderful blend of sizzle and sleuth-boggling murder, chaos and mayhem.

Overview of One For The Money:

One dead body. 

One manhunt.
One chance for serial rapist Bo Harknett to escape.
One pissed-off detective.

Will time run out for Detective Macaulay, 

or will she get her man?

Extract from 'One For The Money - The Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy #1'

Back at the police station, Mr Jacobs - the owner of the apartment where the victim, Deanne Morris, had been found - had arrived to be interviewed, and give a statement. 
Detective Baines opened the interview room door and we both stepped inside. I gave Baines the first chair and stood slightly to one side of the table. Baines spoke first.
“Mr Jacobs, I’m Detective Baines, and this is my partner, Detective Macaulay.”
“Hello, Detectives.” Mr Jacos said. “Hey.” I said,  and got down to business.
“Mr Jacobs, how well did you know the victim, Deanne Morris?” I said.
“Daniel, please. I’ve known her for many years but we were not close, I’m afraid.” Daniel Jacobs said.
“Any idea who would want her dead, Daniel?”
“No, this whole thing, it’s been really bad.  My Wife is so scared they will come back and kill us.”
“We’ll post a protective detail outside your apartment, don’t worry.” Baines said.
There was a knock at the interview room door. Officer Johnstone with an update for me.
“Excuse me, Daniel. Detective.” I said, and left the room. 
In the narrow corridor outside the interview room, Officer Johnstone looked serious.
“Detective, CST found something in a dumpster a couple of blocks away from the apartment building.”
Officer Johnstone handed me a plastic red tagged evidence bag with what looked like a blood-stained piece of material inside it. “Looks like an oily blood stained piece of rag.” I said. 
“CST  ran tests on the fibres, and found traces of the victim’s DNA, hair, and fingernails.” Johnstone continued.  She had put up a fight; now her murderer was on the run.
“Did the tox screen and rape kit come back yet?” I said, handing him the evidence bag.
“Not yet, should be a couple hours or so.” He said.
“Thank you, Johnstone.”  I said, and went back into the interview room.
I walked into the interview room and Mr Jacobs was still talking with Baines. I sat down next to Baines and handed Mr Jacobs my business card from across the table.
“If there is anything else that you remember, please give me a call. My direct line is on the card.” Baines looked at me, and I wondered if I had anything to more to add before we ended the interview.
“Do you recall any visitors to Miss Morris’ apartment prior to last night, Mr Jacobs?” I asked.
“No, Detective, she kept herself private, made no noise, she was an ideal rental client.”
“What do you know about her boyfriend, Brad Myers?”
“She’s met him at the County Fair last month- she was telling my Wife all about it. I don’t go in for that sort of thing.” He said, and smiled at the memory. “Her face lit up just talking about him.”
“Where does Brad Myers work, Mr Jacobs?”
“He’s a car mechanic, and has a small garage up on Elmwood Avenue. Part owns it with his daddy.”
“Thank you, we’ll look into it.” I said.
Baines went back to his desk while I went to see what the Coroner found after the tox screen and rape kit was fully processed.

One For The Money - The Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy #1 is available now at Amazon.com for Kindle.