22 Jul 2013

Kate, The Wait, & The Royal Babygate Saga

This month was a lesson about waiting. 


Delayed gratification. 

As the entire British Nation, World, Cosmos, and Globe waited for the appearance of the Royal Baby, a mob of global Media gathered outside the hospital which was one possible location for the impending birth. The Duchess, however, was nested away at a second location, with a second hospital on standby.

For days, the Media camped out in front of the hospital, hoping and praying for a glimpse of the Duchess entering the hospital, with the birth of the much anticipated heir to the Throne pending.

The soaring heat and endless sticky humidity did not deter them. The Media grew more determined to capture that first image of the Duchess arriving at the hospital. 

They waited, and waited, and waited. 

Even Her Majesty, the Great-Grandmother-In-Waiting pitched in with her opinion on the delay. Now it seems that her engagements will take her out of the country at the same time as the Duchess may be in labour. 

Providence, I'd say. Counting chickens... and all that parlance.

And so this month's lesson for this Author has been about patience. Wanting my new book to hurry up and get published. It's turning into a tome. I have to be patient and allow the writing process to fully expand.

With my creativity being at an all time high this month, I added to my craft by re-imagining my book covers. A work of pleasure, I must admit, and a real sense of accomplishment about my ability to transform an otherwise dull cover into a multi-dimensional work of art. The finished product:

Pandora's Box
Amazon.com (Kindle)
Out Now.

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