16 Jul 2013

Panic In The Writing Cave

I almost had a heart attack this afternoon, when I logged onto my blog and could not gain access. What would I do? All my hard work gone in an instant. 

I got creative. I tried a different computer, but found the same issue with login attempts. I cleared the browser's cache and powered down the machine. Then, something surprising happened. I grabbed a notepad and pen, and started sketching out a rough outline for a scene coming up later in my novel. The new novel I'm writing right now.

Without the constant distractions from computer updates flashing up on the screen - despite changing the settings several times so the updates took place when I was not actively using the computer - and without the endless time sappers - social media, email alerts, and plethora of computer system announcements, my creativity was able to flow in an untapped stream. 

For over two hours I spent time with my characters, fleshing out their back stories, and taking their stories into a new direction; one I had not even considered taking them into, had my blog not crashed.

Two hours later, having filled a casserole dish with water, puy lentils and a selection of chicken pieces, white wine, and herbs and spices, I returned to the computer and logged onto my blog.

Voila, all working fine and dandy again. Disaster averted. 

However, the reason why I could not log on successfully hours ago remained a mystery, so I did some research and uncovered a history of this error code cropping up on international computers. There was a post on a user forum in spain where one poor girl was struggling to long onto her blog for one month - that could easily be me if I am not careful.

I've created an archived backup copy of my blog, in case it all goes crashing down. Dear Reader, I value your visits so much, and advise you to backup your blogs too.

Until next time!

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Are you battling with errors when using free platforms for your blogs?  Sound off in the comments below.