12 Jul 2013

This Month's Writing Challenge - July


Wonderful July came screeching in, bringing with it the chaos and mayhem of computer glitches, for want of a better word. When one makes ones living from writing, and it is one's craft, inevitably things go awry.

Take for instance the Microsoft Windows Update which lasted most of an entire evening, and left me frustrated and 'inoperable'. Frequent checks to see whether the update had finished, blotting of fevered brow, and ensuing frustration. I lost an entire day of creativity due to this update. Imagine my horror then, to discover that the laptop would not boot after the installation of said update. I'm one of those laptop owners who kept the manual. Fortunately, I also kept the install discs. Unfortunately, I didn't have the Windows 7 installation disc, so now I'm without a laptop. 

As providence would have it, I had recently backed up all my work onto Google Drive. I also have a Mac Mini sitting in the corner, where the uncomfortable chair makes my back hurt, and my feet become swollen within hours of being seated there. I write best when I am on the couch, next to the window, with bright sunshine pouring in. I am also opposite the television, where I can select various radio channels to hum away in the background.

My challenge this month was technology. The laptop will be repaired, when i get around to it. It isn't old, but it isn't a priority right now. I've swapped to the Mac Mini, and Smashwords happily snap up and convert into all the other formats, and my e book is published, as before.

Until the Windows Update problem is resolved, I shall not be setting my computers to automatically download them anymore. If I take control over when downloads occur, I hope to minimise the disruption to my craft. My advice to you, Dear Reader, is to backup, remotely store your files in the Cloud, and above all, have a second computer where you can get set up and be on our way again.

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What are your writing challenges? Sound off in the comments.