28 Jul 2013

NEW Paperback - Tabula Rasa - Amazon.com

ISBN 978-1491096734

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Paperback 304 Pages
5 x 8 Black and White interior.
ISBN 978-1096734
Published July 2013

'Tabula Rasa - A Detective Macaulay Homicide Case' by Ruby Binns-Cagney

The latest in a series of novels featuring NYPD's Detective Finkel Macaulay as she faces another Serial Killer intent on wrecking lives, and monopolising Macaulay's time.

This is a dark, chilling, tale about the lengths the FBI will go to in the pursuit of notorious psychopaths. 

The climax is unexpected, and will have you wanting to continue reading the rest of the books in this gripping series.

With accurate forensic detail, and graphic depictions of autopsies, the criminal investigation takes you inside the mind of the perpetrator, in real time.